Friday, April 6, 2018


This post is two months and a bit overdue, for which I'm sorry, but life has been busy.

At the end of January, Eddie was rear-ended by an SUV. I won't go into the details, but don't worry, he's fine. A couple of weeks of repairs, mostly due to the shop having an unexpected rush of customers rather than difficulty getting parts (only OEMs for my Eddie), some insurance paperwork, and he's mine again.

They even cleaned him, inside and out. He was all sparkly, at least for a few weeks, until the road debris coated the body panels again.

He got a new body panel (yes, just black, no, I'm not going to piecemeal the color change), wheel alignment, new lights on the one side, and new wheel and rim assembly. If you're keeping up with Vilet, you probably saw the spike in the maintenance list, but still, he's well under cost compared to my last car (and compared to the vehicles of almost everybody I know).

In other news, I finally have enough money to buy out the rest of the financing, but I'm holding off for at least another month because doing it right now would zero-out my bank account, and that would be a bad idea if some other idiot decides to rear-end me.

So maybe this summer, Eddie will be mine, one hundred percent.

I can't wait.

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